About us

We believe that every person is packaged for purpose. Everyone has gifts and talents and the potential to positively impact their spheres of influence. From educators to marketplace leaders, church leaders to government leaders, we are equipping individuals who are on the frontlines of societal transformation. We are also equipping organizations who are committed to confronting the greatest challenges that we face in arts and entertainment, business, education, family, government, media, and religion. With the fulfillment of the Great Commission as their priority, these individuals and organizations follow the leadership development model demonstrated by Jesus Christ. During His public ministry, Jesus spent most of His time training and equipping a group of leaders to turn the world right side up. Whether it is through speaking, coaching, workshops, or consulting, Beacon encourages and empowers Believers in all walks of life to engage in an on-going journey of leadership growth and impact.


Beacon provides speaking, coaching, workshops, and consulting to individuals and organizations. Included below are topics we have facilitated with previous clients. Our team of talent development professionals will design and develop personal or organizational development services that are tailored to meet your needs.

Personal Development Services

  • Fulfilling God’s Desires for Your Life
  • Personal Branding in the Kingdom
  • Making a Difference People Love
  • Rebuilding Trust in Relationships
  • Cultivating a Heart that Forgives
  • Prayer Workshops and Retreats

Organizational Development Services

  • Power of Effective Team Building
  • Group Facilitation, Problem-Solving, and Decision-Making
  • Transforming Organizational Culture
  • Fostering Generational Synergy in the Workplace
  • Developing Effective Succession Plans
  • Building Trust in the Workplace

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